Welcome to Rick’s Blog!

First – my thanks to Cheryl & Grant, my most recent wedding clients. The weather was kind and the venue – Hever Golf Club was fantastic! I’m really looking forward to designing the wedding album and DVD slideshow. Sam & Darren are pictured – my first ever wedding clients – so a huge thanks to both of you!

This is my very first blog ever, so if I’m dong anything wrong let me know.
My business is in it’s infancy and so the hours are long – but I am really enjoying it. I already have 3 potential clients for next year and some portrait sessions in the offing. It is hugely rewarding to share the wedding photos with the Bride and to see the emotions they generate.

I use a modern, photojournalistic approach to wedding photography which is infinitely more interesting than merely producing a set of formally posed shots. Of course – there is still room for ‘special request’ shots of individual’s and groups of family and friends.

My web site is currently under construction and will post as soon as it is ready. I need to showcase my work!


P.S. If any wedding photographers are reading this – please share your top tips!

~ by rjmphotographic on September 10, 2007.

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