Digital Photography Tip No.2 – Rule of Thirds

Despite being aeons old – not many people use the rule of thirds to improve the composition of their shots. Leonardo da Vinci and every great artist down the ages understood the importance of this rule.

When composing your shot divide your view with two vertical and two horizontal lines just like a noughts and crosses game. Some cameras have a setting which will enable you to see this grid through your viewfinder – check your manual. Place your main subject on one of the intersections and you will see a dramatic improvement in your composition. A huge problem with most shots is the main subject sits bang in the middle of your shot – boring.

Having said all that – there will be times when it is appropriate to ignore this rule altogether! The more you practice it however, the more you appreciate when to use it and when not to use it.

If you have photo editing software – you may be able to improve a boring shot by judicious use of the crop tool to alter the position of your main subject.

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~ by rjmphotographic on June 21, 2008.

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