The Great Glen Way – Day Two

Day Two – 14th July
And so the journey begins! Today we are trekking to Gairlochy, some 10.5m/17km from the starting point near Fort William Railway Station. Sadly, there is no accommodation available in Gairlochy – so we have an additional 4m/6.5km to walk to Spean Bridge. This is something of a test for the first day as I have not done any serious walking for some time.

I start by taking this shot of a Hydrangea in the garden of the Rhu Mor guesthouse.

The weather is dull as you can see from this shot of the bay area en route to the mouth of the Caledonian Canal. The canal was engineered by Thomas Telford between 1803 – 1822 and links all the lochs of the Great Glen.

I’m feeling full of energy at the moment following a serious breakfast of cereal, juice, Full English and gallons of tea. This first part of the walk is ‘pretty’ but uninspiring – the view is unchanging for long stretches. This outlet pipe into the canal catches my eye…

One of the more interesting sights we come across is Neptune’s Staircase – a network of eight locks that raises canal traffic to 70 feet above sea level over a distance of 500 yards.

I catch a glimpse of a distant hill with some nice contrasting light.

This is a typical view of the canal – which apart from the odd swing bridge or two – varies very little… all the way to Gairlochy.

We reach Gairlochy and turn off for the route march to Spean Bridge and our accommodation – Aonoch Mor Hotel. The road seems never ending now and my feet are singing a painful song! However – a few pints of Red Cuillin and I’m feeling a lot better. A bowl of soup with a roll and I’m all set to head for the shower and a few more beers later in the evening.

Tomorrow, we have to make our way from Spean Bridge to South Laggan


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