The Great Glen Way – Day Three

Day 3 – 15th July
Today’s journey is from Spean Bridge to South Laggan – 12m/19km. It rained heavily all night – but has brightened up a little as we set off after another stonking breakfast.
The journey begins at the swing bridge at Gairlochy… where the River Lochy gives way to Loch Lochy.
To the left of the swing bridge I liked the shot of two anchors.

After an hour so – we come across a fairy grotto. It started as a birthday treat for a little girl some years back – but has grown and grown, with people constantly adding elements to it. Donations are collected and given to local charities. Very unexpected and charming.

The rain is holding off and I get the chance to take a shot of Loch Lochy as the track runs close to the shoreline.

About midday it is time for a break, a bite to eat and a resting of the feet. From left to right is: Pale, Darren, Amy, Amanda and Dave.

After about another hour we catch up with Mick and John, who have somehow got ahead of us despite setting off sometime after us. Mick is inspecting his feet with Dave’s help in this shot.

I have been experimenting with slow shutter speeds to get a smooth flow effect which it is particularly good for waterfalls.

As we reach about 8 miles into the walk – my feet are starting to complain, I try to ignore it without too much success. I would like to stop and take more photos but this urge is fighting a stronger one to get to the destination.

I used Adobe Lightroom to get this cool tone shot of the forest.

Finally it is late afternoon and we almost reach our destination but not before happily stopping off on a boat/pub in South Laggan for some liquid relief. A couple of pints of Red Cuillin and Nin generously gives us a lift to the B&B – a delightful place called Forest Lodge. We unpack and go to a local Water Park for some haggis, neeps and tatties. Here is a shot of Forest Lodge and the view from my bedroom window.

We return to Forest Lodge and drink a bottle or two of Red Wine in preparation for tomorrow’s leg from South Laggan to Invermoriston!
More soon …


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