The Great Glen Way – Day Five

Day 5 – 17th July
Today’s trek is the longest and hardest of the week – 16m/26km from Invermoriston – to Drumnadrochit! I tuck into another hardcore breakfast despite not being overly hungry. This is the view from our bedroom window taken just before setting out:

There has been rain throughout the night and early morning, and so far we haven’t really had a proper soaking. I have a feeling this won’t last. I take another shot of this colourful flower – I am sadly ignorant of its proper name…

We walk the first couple of miles along the A82 which is perhaps one of the more hazardous things I have done – as there is not really any provision for pedestrians. However – we head off back into the hills at Alltsigh. A light summer rain falls for about an hour – which is very pleasant! I manage to get a shot or two of Loch Ness – sadly, no sight of the legendary Nessie…

By about mid-afternoon the legs are aching and the feet protest at every step. I eventually catch up with Mick and John who taking a break under the shade of a tree.

Very sensibly, we cut out an entirely unnecessary diversion and scramble down the hillside back to the A82 and walk about 1/2 mile into Drumnadrochit where we all gather at the Benleva Hotel for some much needed beer, and a chance to remove the walking boots.

It is relatively early and we have a chance to revive ourselves in the bar with more beers from the Isle of Skye Brewery – Red Cuillin, Black Gold and Tradewinds – marvellous stuff. By dinnertime we are starving – so we all go to Fiddler’s Highland Restaurant for a superb meal – medium rare steak and bottle or two of merlot! If you are in Drumnadrochit – check out this resaturant.

We have two nights in the Benleva – as the final two days are two short 9 mile ambles – tomorrow we are going to Woodend, and the final leg will be from Woodend to Inverness.



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