The Great Glen Way – Day Six

I have cereal and scrambled egg with toast – as I have had too many full English breakfasts! Today is relatively easy – a 9m/15km walk up to Woodend. There is no accommodation – so Nin will pick us up and deliver us back to the Benleva Hotel this afternoon.

I take a few shots of this old tree at the front of the hotel.

I also liked these colourful flowers (once again, I cannot name them).

We set off down the A82 once more for about a mile or so and pick up the trail. The weather is good and I get a group shot at the start of the track up back into the hills.

I snap a distant shot of Urquhart Castle before setting off again.

The weather is holding out and so far on this trip we have been lucky on the midge front! This stretch is a nice forest walk – but as the forest is largely pine – there is very little sound or sign of animal life.

We stop for a bite to eat and in my case, a little livener from my hip flask – stocked with highest quality Laphroaig.

The walk continues without incident and we meet up with Nin who transports us back to the Benleva. The whole week has gone so quickly – and tomorrow is our last day, a short hop from Woodend to our ultimate destination Inverness.

We eat at the Benleva and I demolish a Rogan Josh quicktime. A few games of pool later and it’s time to go to bed, but not before meeting possibly the most boring man in Scotland, if not the UK. You shall remain nameless…



~ by rjmphotographic on July 29, 2008.

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