The Great Glen Way – Day Seven

Today is the last leg of the journey – a mild perambulation from Woodend to Inverness itself. The Great Glen Way ends at the castle. I prepare for the day with fruit juice, cereal, and boiled eggs and toast. There is no rush so I use the time to get this shot (see above) of Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness which is close by.

We are driven to the start point at Woodend – and it looks like we will get rained on today…You can see the rain clouds on the left of this shot:

Its a very gentle walk with no steep climbing which suits me fine. It is an interesting mix of crossing moorland and forest. We periodically have to don the rain gear as banks of rain cloud come in, dump their load and disappear. Not too many photo ops but I came across this plant with cuckoo spit evident.

At last we come across our first sight of Inverness…

As we head down into town, the heaven’s really open up and we get the heaviest weather of the whole week. The end of the road is incredibly circuitous and as ever – the last mile seems to take for ever. We eventually find ourselves walking along the River Ness and up towards the Castle and the Walks end!! Happily we can celebrate in the usual style at the Castle Inn. We all enjoy a tot of malt whisky which seems appropriate.

We meet up with Nin who drives us to our final b&b – just down the road.

After unpacking for the final time, and long, long soak in the bath we decide to return to the Castle Inn for some much needed fuel. If you are in Inverness – check this place out – excellent beer and grub.

I decided to get my camera out and take some late afternoon/twilight shots…

And finally – here are a couple of portrait shots of Dave with Mick, and Dave and Darren individually.

It feels great to have completed the walk. I have now walked from Glasgow to Inverness via Fort William – approx 170m/274km. The Great Glen Way is a different experience to the West Highland Way. Of the two – I think I enjoyed the West Highland way more although on the other hand, it is a more challenging walk. The scenery is more spectacular particularly along Loch Lomond, Rannoch Moor and Glen Coe. You do not meet as many people on the Great Glen Way – but having said that, it is still a great walk to do.

If you have done this walk – let me know what you think of it…?

I am now looking forward to the Endorse it in Dorset Festival (8/9/10 Aug), where amongst other things – I shall be seeing the Alabama 3, The Beat, The Skatellites and Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs! I shall certainly be posting pics and thoughts on this event. The Alabama 3 are just fantastic!

I shall leave you with one of their own unique thoughts:
“…No Sir, Mr Dope fiend, no fish today…”

Back soon….



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